Voenxe Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Breathable Thong for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

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Voenxe Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Breathable Thong for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

Voenxe Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Breathable Thong for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

Product description
  • 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
  • (Seller's Reminder) Per Amazon's policy, try-on of underwear items must be carried out without contact with the body (and with your clothes on) to qualify for return or reimbursement, which is recommended upon the receipt of this pack of underwear for timely determination of the appropriateness of size.
  • (The Differences That Made the Difference) Diverse materials are used to match the sensibility of your nether parts these thongs touch. For the crotch, sheer cotton is used to contra this area's predisposition to venereal discomfort while nylon is added to the body to confer steadfastness against shrinkage and to form a thin layer of breathable mesh to keep the whole area dry and clean. Icing on the cake? The pantie lines of these undies still stay invisible despite all the complex materials.
  • (A Rich Palette to Choose From) Whether it's the floral pattern you wanna sport in your boudoir to further fan the flame between you and your lover, or the joyful pink to suppress the rebellious blue rising out of nowhere on a regular day, or just the plain white to accentuate your perfectly tanned skin tone when you are at the beach... We have that exact color for you.
  • (Omnipotent, Like You) Power women need panties as powerful as them. Whether you are searching for comfy undies for causal home stay, or panties with invisible seams that do not turn heads at your workplace, or thongs that can resist the pull and tear and wick the moisture from the sweat you break when you work out at the gym, these packs of undies have you covered.
  • (Size Matters) Drawing upon a massive pool of size data of women underwear our R&D department has curated over the years, we matched this underwear to the pool's bulk of sizes all in the aim of giving you the best fit so that they are never too tight to make you pant or too loose that you have to worry about going commando at anytime. (Refer to the size table in the description to find your best fit).

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    Timely try on upon receipt is recommended for the determination of appropriateness of size. Return or apply for refund in case of misfit.

    In order to be eligible for return or reimbursement, these items cannot have had direct contact with your body.

    Try them on Superman-style. Make up your mind about whether to keep our products within 30 days of purchase. Return and reimbursement are free of charge within these 30 days on the term defined above for Amazon Prime members and orders placed via our website.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews

    They are super cute and comfortable and you can't see the underwear lying

    Mr GS
    Sexy look and feel.

    A very nice fit and great material. My wife feels years younger wearing them. Works for me.

    Laura Maglaras

    Material and style is my fave. I order this a lot and they're good everytime. The material holds well and the designs are super cute

    Shelia R.
    Super comfortable and seemless appearance under clothes

    I’ve ordered these multiple times and they have yet to disappoint.


    These are extremely comfortable. I wear size 8 panties and bought these in XL, probably could have gotten away with large. Hope this helps!

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