Voenxe Seamless Women Bikini Underwear, Breathable No Show Panties for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

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Voenxe Seamless Women Bikini Underwear, Breathable No Show Panties for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

Voenxe Seamless Women Bikini Underwear, Breathable No Show Panties for Women, 5 in 1 Pack

Product description
  • 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
  • (Seller's Reminder) Per Amazon's policy, try-on of underwear items must be carried out without contact with the body (and with your clothes on) to qualify for return or reimbursement, which is recommended upon the receipt of this pack of underwear for timely determination of the appropriateness of size.
  • (Built Where It Counts) Considerable deliberation is given to the materials of these bikini thongs, which starts with nylon and Spandex for the whole body to increase its elasticity, resistance to shrinkage and overall robustness while a layer of pure cotton is added to the crotch to minimize the likelihood of venereal discomfort as well as maximize the comfy feel in the most sensitive parts of female bodies and give enough support for placing necessary hygienic product.
  • (Go commando Anywhere Anytime) Feel like going commando but worried others might see your secrets? With these Bikini panties, you can do it worry-free. Coming with a mesh structure that's highly breathable, lightweight and can easily wick away moisture, wearing them is almost like wearing nothing. Plus, the virtuous craftsmanship from our designers makes sure the thongs do not ride up or fall down or dig into your sacred ravines in the front and back.
  • (Your Secret Guarded, Seamlessly and Invisibly) Worried about pantie lines insinuating your secret, misleading people's attention and stealing the thunder of a carefully-chosen outfit whenever you are out and about? With these panties, that concern ceases to exist. Drawing upon years of R&D, we have successfully made that annoying pantie line invisible and by that, these panties your no-brainer go-to choice, whatever outfit you might want to sport.
  • (See Yourself in Your Choice) Your choice of underwear reveals your inner self. Whether you are a business leader who needs leopard skin to increase your inner power, or a highly disciplined scout girl who sticks to the basic shades every day or an innocent gal whose fondness for flowers no other patterns can win over, whatever your color preference is, we have that exact color for you.

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Timely try on upon receipt is recommended for the determination of appropriateness of size. Return or apply for refund in case of misfit.

In order to be eligible for return or reimbursement, these items cannot have had direct contact with your body.

Try them on Superman-style. Make up your mind about whether to keep our products within 30 days of purchase. Return and reimbursement are free of charge within these 30 days on the term defined above for Amazon Prime members and orders placed via our website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Laura Garrett
Love them!

These are sooo comfy!

They feel wonderful to wear.

I love the feel of the panties. The fit is perfect. I have already ordered them again.

Comfortable and breathable

This is a second order of these underwear for my daughter. She loves them!

Danielle Smith

I like the material, very comfortable however I wish I would have sized up ine size.

Robyn Nyeboga
Cute and comfy

This set of underwear is super cute and comfy! Overall, good purchase👌

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