Voenxe High Waisted Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Ladies Breathable Undies for Women, 6 in 1 Pack

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Voenxe High Waisted Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Ladies Breathable Undies for Women, 6 in 1 Pack

Voenxe High Waisted Seamless Women Underwear Thongs, No Show Ladies Breathable Undies for Women, 6 in 1 Pack

Product description
  • 92% Nylon + 8% Spandex
  • (Seller's Reminder) Per Amazon's policy, try-on of underwear items must be carried out without contact with the body( and with your clothes on) to qualify for return or reimbursement, which is recommended upon the receipt of this pack of underwear for timely determination of the appropriateness of size.
  • (High Waist Haute Couture) Project a sexier and sultrier you with a pack of these high-waist undies and bid farewell to dull-looking underwear. These undies follow the lines of your natural shape and cinch at the hips, effectively elongating your legs as well as accentuating your curves in all the right places. The high waistband also makes sure there's no bump since it never runs into the waistband of your pants.
  • (Seamless and Sexy) Annoyed that pesky panty lines sabotaging the your favorite outfits? Switch to seamless alternatives! Designed to eliminate unflattering lines, these panties will help you regain control over your outfits. Whether it is a gym suit you wanna sport during workout, or a de rigueur business attire at a formal occasion, or just stay-at-home casual clothing, these undies can seamlessly blend in.
  • (Solid and Sound) Apart from offering great overall elasticity, robustness and steadfastness of form even against the trial of machine wash, these high-waist undies also come with a cotton-padded crotch that protects your sensitive vulva from chafing and and keeps your spilled lady discharge from permeating through, ruining your carefully selected outfit and attracting unwanted attention.
  • (Comfy and Healthy) Thanks to the premium material and precise craftsmanship of our designer, there panties come with enough grip to your body without digging into your flesh or imposing restrictions on your movement. The highly breathable nature of the materials offers great moisture-wicking capacity, staves off bacterial infection, reduces the risk of irritation and ensures better hygiene in your nether department.

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Timely try on upon receipt is recommended for the determination of appropriateness of size. Return or apply for refund in case of misfit.

In order to be eligible for return or reimbursement, these items cannot have had direct contact with your body.

Try them on Superman-style. Make up your mind about whether to keep our products within 30 days of purchase. Return and reimbursement are free of charge within these 30 days on the term defined above for Amazon Prime members and orders placed via our website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Second time ordering. That should say it all.


Great fit

Alex A.
Super soft

Will be buying more.

They feel wonderful to wear.

I love the feel of the panties. The fit is perfect. I have already ordered them again.

Brittany Murray
Love these

Very light, very breathable. Almost no visible pantry line. Because of this style cut, would size up if you prefer loser fit otherwise will fit snuggly against your leg

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